Ask Rod: How do you enhance your footage in post?

via – Rod, Okay, so this is stunningly beautiful. Do you mind if I ask you some advice?
I just got my hands on a T2i, primarily for the video capability (though I am more of a still photographer). What I am dying to know is, what did you do to get such stunning color, contrast, clarity etc? I see you used the stock lens, that is mind boggling to me… What software did you use to enhance the video, and how can I get started learning these techniques?
Thanks in advance. – TheOriginalPol

ANSWER:  Congratulations on your new T2i!  You already have a head start with being a still photographer and familiar with Adobe products.  I’ll try to answer your questions the best I can, however, remember these are just my opinions and what works for me. :)

First and foremost, Before I even begin shooting I make sure my camera is setup correctly.  I use a “Flat” picture style, which will allows me to really add to it in post production with color correction and grading.  For more on this and how to set up your camera, check out this great article from Stu Maschwitz.  Also, there is an awesome DVD by Philip Bloom called “Learn to Shoot Great Video” available for download.  It was created for the 7D, but 99% of the knowledge can be carried over.  I have it and reference it quite often.  Ohhh and it’s 50% off now, check it out!

Once I have my video files, I import them into Premiere Pro and this is where the fun really starts.  I use some of the built-in video effects for color correction, but I also use a plug-in called “Magic Bullet Looks“.  MBL has some great presets that can give desired “looks”, however, what’s really cool, it has options available to fine tune even further.  So for example, on my “Port A” short, I used the MBL preset called “Blockbuster” to get started, then used some of the controls within MBL to get MY desired look.  Check out their video’s as they can explain it way better then me.

Lastly, I follow quite a few HDSLR filmmaker’s, including Philip Bloom and Nino Leitner.  These guys are paving the way for guys like us.  Be sure to check out their blogs, now their films are awesome!  Also, another great resource is Caleb Pike’s blog,, he has put together some extremely helpful tips and tutorials there.  The last resource I will mention is Dave Dugdale’s site,  He has lot’s of wonderful information for the beginner, including free video tutorials and podcasts.  If you just picked up an HDSLR, be sure to check out this interview with Caleb where they discuss everything you would need to start.

Hope this helps a little.  If you have any other questions, just post them below.
Have fun!

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  1. Paul C. says:

    Fantastic! I so very much appreciate it. Can’t wait to get started! (I’d do it now but it’s almost 2 in the morning…)

  2. Rod says:

    Your welcome Paul, I hope it helps!

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