Ask Rod: Workflow?

via vimeo – “Hi Rod, what was the work flow like editing with CS5? curious, because I just picked up a T2i, and wondering if its going to give me any problems.” -Christopher

Great question!  You made a great move by picking up the T2i, however you may have made an even better choice by thinking of using CS5 to edit your footage.   I am a avid PC user, and unfortunetly Final Cut Pro is not available for us.  Pre-CS5, if you wanted to edit HD footage you have to convert it first with another program like MPEG Streamclip.  That is no longer the case, you can edit natively!  That means you can take the files directly off your camera, drag them into Premiere Pro and you are rolling!  Check out this youtube video from Adobe Ambassador, Jon Barrie, who goes over some of the new great features. -Rod

One response on “Ask Rod: Workflow?

  1. Michael Haas says:

    Hey Rod,

    Discovered your site after looking for pc specs to edit cs5. I have a t2i and am looking to buy a new pc and cs5. Just wondering what your computer specs are if you don’t mind sharing and does it run smooth with color correction and so forth.

    Also, really dig the color and lighting in your vids and your ability to capture the mood. Well done.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Rod says:

    Aloha Mike! Great question. I do not use a “beefy” system by any stretch of the imagination. I work on a pretty standard business class HP latop and CS5 runs pretty great. However, I do not have anything to compare it to. I am able to edit my footage real time and it scrubbs through multiple clips quickly. Editing runs smooth, even after adding color correction, including Magic Bullet Looks.
    Here are my curent specs:
    HP 8510p
    MS Windows 7
    Intel Core2 Duo CPU T8300 @2.40GHZ
    Total Memory: 4GB

    I hope this helps and thanks for the comments!

  3. Michael Haas says:

    Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I was about to drop a lot of dough on a crazy system. Which is all well and good but I’d rather save some dough for some better lenses and so forth. Great to hear.

    I’ll be in touch once I get up and running and I’ll keep an eye on your blog. I added it to my favorites.

    Thanks again.


  4. Rod says:

    Sounds like a good idea, you probably don’t need an outrageous system. Especially if you are going with a desktop, load it up with plenty of RAM and an Nvidia video card, and you will be set. Your right, save the money for better lenses. I look forward to seeing your work. Again, thanks for stopping by!

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