Review: Cowboy Studio Shoulder Rig Part 3 w/ Zacuto EVF

Last week I received the awesome Zacuto EVF Flip. This left me to totally redesign my Cowboy Studio/Express35 shoulder rig. At first I thought I would no longer need the offset adapter (reviewed here), but after trying different combinations, it is still a vital piece of the configuration.  The camera is no longer directly in front of my left eye, now with the EVF in place, I can now move it back onto the rig itself, inline with the shoulder support.  The EVF is supported to a rod with an articulating arm, which now sits in front of my eye and is easily adjustable to several different positions.  I am also happy to see that by still using the offset adapter, a quick release plate can still be attached for easily mounting onto a tripod.

This weekend I am shooting a short documentary and I will fully be able to test out the new system.  Once I get back I will be putting together a video review to go over what I liked about the new setup, and also what the weaknesses are.  Please check back soon for Part III of the Cowboy Studio rig build!


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One response on “Review: Cowboy Studio Shoulder Rig Part 3 w/ Zacuto EVF

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey Rod! I’m doing all my catchup on your blog haha. Just saw this, congrats! I’ve been way behind the curve on gear lately. The EVF replaces the need for a loupe correct? I guess you won’t know until using it, but what about in bright sunlight? I am thinking of upgrading to Zacuto and while the EVF would not be in my budget right now, I’m wondering if I should just wait and save. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Michelle says:

    DUR! I see in the pic the loupe is right there. It flips out of view when you’re using the display only right? Wow Michelle, have more coffee before asking silly questions.

  3. John says:

    Great blog post! I already have a basic cowboy studio rig (stripped) and am ready to purchase some rails, follow focus and an EVF. So I would need the new Rig X-B with adjustable offset or a straight rig. Since this is my first real investment for better filming (other than my DSLR and lenses), I want to make the right choice of either adding the Rig X-B, or purchasing a separate rig with counter weight. What do you recommend? I’d like to stay somewhat compact but don’t want to completely limit expansion options for the future. Whichever way I go, I do want the rig to be mountable onto a tripod and support a Mattebox (though the Mattebox will not be used the majority of the time). My budget is only in the $500 range which is why your blog post got my attention. Would you add to the cowboy studios rig or just skip directly to a standard rig. Any feedback would be very helpful to me. Thank you.

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