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In a previous blog post I raved how much I was enjoying my new D|FOCUS Follow Focus V3.  However, one of the bummers for me was not able to use my new focusing solution on my Canon T2i/550d, with Canon 50mm 1.4 lens and BATTERY GRIP, battery grip being the key word here.  Thankfully, I wasn’t bummed out long, as David Aldrich, the man behind D|FOCUS Systems, noticed the need for a solution and is now producing the D|Riser!

Description for website:

“The D|Riser is a riser and offset block to raise the height of the standard D|Focus V3 gearbox.  The D|Focus V3 has a low profile design for a light weight and space saving configuration but in some cases it may be necessary to raise the height of the D|Focus V3.

There are 2 sizes, both included in the package.  The Short D|Riser is primarily for use with Zip style lens gears like those sold by Zacuto or Shoot35 with small diameter lenses.  If you have a large diameter lens, like the Canon 70 – 200 f/2.8L and are using zip style lens gears, you will NOT need a D|Riser.

The Tall D|Riser is primarily for use with battery grips where the camera lens is much higher than the standard rail height of 85mm.

The Short D|Riser may also help in certain configurations when using the D|Mount.”

It took a bit of fiddling, but after about 10 minutes, I was satisfied with the install and seems the Tall D|Riser worked best for my camera configuration.  Once I screwed everything in and put in position, the D|Focus is solid and I am confident it will stay in place.  The follow focus still functions as expected, smooth and responsive.

Current selling price is $44.99, in stock and available HERE and at

Below are some really craptastic pics I took with a point-and-shoot, but I hope you are able to get the idea.

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One response on “Review: D|Focus D|Riser

  1. jayse says:

    thanks for the post – was wondering about this – love the d-focus – this looks like a great addition!

  2. Rod says:

    @Jayse, your welcome!

  3. Naim says:

    Do you find your D/mount slightly swiveling out of place when camera is moved?
    How well does your configuration hold up when the camera is hand held?

    I have almost the exact same step up as you, minus the d/riser (I set up the d-focus so the gears meet at the bottom of the lens gear.) My D-mount moves slightly when focusing

  4. Rod says:

    @Naim – The main reason I used the D|Mount was because I was using a battery grip. Unfortunately, when I did use the D|Mount it did swivel a bit. Instead of dealing with the annoyance, I now shoot without the grip and the D|Focus is spot on.

  5. Doug says:

    I have a Canon7D w/ battery grip
    Zacuto Z-Finder Pro with Gorilla Plate
    50mm 1.4 Canon Prime

    Looking to put together an economical Cowboy Studio shoulder rig w/ follow focus, offset, and one handle. Thinking Express35 for rail and D-Focus, but not sure how figure out all the parts I need.

    Do you have an idea of a parts list that would work? Or a suggestion of someone who could help me figure it out??

  6. Rod says:

    Hi Doug! has now bundled everything you need, however, due to popularity it is currently sold out. Signup for the newsletter to be notified when back in stock. RigX
    Cowboy Studio Shoulder Support

    Hope this helps!

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