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After reading Nino Leitner’s Epic DSLR Viewfinder Review, I knew what had to be purchased next, an LCD viewfinder.  There are quite a few viewfinders out on the market, however I had narrowed it down to the LCDVF 3:2 and the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5.  It did’nt take me long to decide which unit to get and there were three reasons why I went with the LCDVF:

1)  LCDVF has introduced a viewfinder made specifically for the Canon T2i/550D and it’s 3:2 screen.  So when I got it home, I knew it would fit my platform perfectly.  This was my most deciding factor.

2)  Cost.  The LCDVF clocks in at $119.00, and the Zacuto 2.5 at $395.00.  Not a huge concern, but after hearing that Zacuto has something that could be “game changing” in the works, I did’nt want to drop money on a Zacuto product that could be obsolete in a few months.  More on this, see #3.

3)  A few months ago, while listening to 16×9 Cinema Digital Convergence DSLR Video Podcast, I heard Steve Weiss, Co-Founder of Zacuto, discussing a product coming out towards the end of 2010.  He did not give away much, however it did sound like a new viewfinder, or a kit for the exisitng Z-Finder, that will allow you to view the screen from different angles.  Sooo…I felt more comfortable filling my need now, rather inexpensively with the LCDVF, and wait to hear what Zacuto has lined up next.

So I have been playing around with my new LCDVF 3:2, and Nino was right, an LCD viewfinder is a MUST HAVE.  Not only does the LCDVF magnify the screen 200%, it also helps stabilize the camera, and significantly assists with focusing.  The LCDVF came very well packaged, throwing in a lens cloth, a spare magnetic frame, neck strap, and neoprene carry bag.  The 3:2 version does not come with a eye cushion, but can be purchased from B&H for $6.95 in a variety of colors.

Below are pics of my new LCDVF on a Canon T2i/550D with a D|Focus V3 Follow Focus installed.

[nggallery id=9]


Click here to purchase the LCDVF 3:2 from B&H Photo

Click here to purchase the LCDVF 3:2 from Glidetrack (ships from Europe)

Click here to purchase the Blue Star Oval Small Eye Cushion for LCDVF 3:2 from B&H Photo

One response on “Review: LCDVF 3:2

  1. Michelle says:

    I got my LCDVF a few weeks ago and it was an absolute game changer for me. Focusing is a breeze, and the added stability was a happy surprise. I just read your follow focus review as well, and I think I’m going to add the D|Focus to my wishlist. Noticed in these pics I have the same tripod too lol.

  2. Rod says:

    Thanks for stopping by Michelle! I also read your review,, before making a decision, great write-up and seeing your pics made it easier to pull the trigger. If you get the D|Focus also, we will be cross-country twins! Again, thanks for stopping by and commenting. -Rod

  3. Wolf says:

    I’m interested in the LCDVF but noticed the price has been upped by $50- from 119,- (the price you paid) to 169,- at B&H??! You wrote this review a few weeks ago. What the… ?

  4. Rod says:


    Great question. So I listed two places to purchase the LCDVF 3:2 from, B&H and Glidetrack. B&H is currently selling it at $169.00, but if you order it directly from the manufacturer, Glidetrack, you will pay the $119.00 price. Don’t worry about it shipping from Europe, I received mine extremely fast, in less then 5 days. Hope this helps. -Rod

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