Testing: T2i with Magic Lantern Firmware

I recently installed the Magic Lantern Firmware for my Canon T2i/550D and was interested in seeing how the Zoom H1 and Audio Technica ATR-3350 would perform. I don’t mind recording externally and sync’ing in post, however for run and gun stuff I wanted to test if the recording the sound to straight the camera would be permissible.

Below are the 4 test covered in the video.

1) AGC Disabled, Internal Camera Mic

2) AGC Disabled, Using Sescom cable, LN2MIC-ZMH4N 3.5 LINE-MIC/ATN-ZOOM H4N – SEL2MZH4N, connecting the Zoom H1 directly to camera. Purchased from Markertek.com. markertek.com/​Cables/​Audio-Cables/​DSLR-Audio-Cables/​Sescom/​LN2MIC-ZOOMH4N.xhtml?LN2MIC-ZOOMH4N
I need to order the cable that now offers headphone monitoring!

3) Zoom H1 Mics, audio synched in post.

4) AGC Disabled, Using Audio Technica ATR-3350 wired lavalier mic, into Zoom H1, and then recorded into camera with Sescom cable.

I hope this helps!

One response on “Testing: T2i with Magic Lantern Firmware

  1. Joel says:

    This is a useful video. Answered some questions I had regarding similar equipment. Thanks for posting.

  2. Joel says:

    Would like to know what your settings were in Magin Lantern in regard to digital gain (not AGC as I realize that you disabled that). Also, did you have any sync issues in post for 3? Thanks again.

  3. Rod says:

    Hi Joel,
    Below are my settings:

    Audio Meters: On
    Analog Gain: 32db
    L-Digital Gain: 0 db
    R-Digital Gain: 0 db
    AGC: off
    Input Sorce: Auto
    Output Volume: 6 db
    Monitoring USB: off

    I have never had any trouble syncing in post, with Plural Eyes or by doing it manually.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Rod says:

    Thanks for watching Joel!

  5. stardumber says:

    What was your settings for the zoom? Im having troubles with setting the zoom up correctly to work with the t2i. Its on manual and it peaks or its too low. Thanks in advance.

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