Testing: Yongnuo Video DSLR LED Light

I first saw this light on Cheesycam.com. Initially I was going to purchase the Z-96, but instead went with the cheaper Yongnuo version. Above is a little test using (1) Yongnuo camera mountable LED unit as a key light in a dark room. It has 135 bulbs, dimmable, and pretty darn bright.  Purchased from eBay, $50 w/ free shipping.

Video shot with Canon T2i, with Magic Lantern firmware. AGC disabled and audio recorded with Zoom H1 mounted in hotshoe and fed into camera with Sescom DSLR cable. The audio in the video is low, I should have checked the levels better before i recorded.

Lens: Canon 50mm 1.4
Shutter 1/50,
Aperature f/4.0
ISO 640
White Balance: Auto
Picture Style: Standard

One response on “Testing: Yongnuo Video DSLR LED Light

  1. Hi Rod,

    I just picked one of these lights up, everything seems great, decent build I like the option to use AA batteries or lithium. However, my main concern is with the hot shoe screw, I attached it with the provided screw to the top of my camera and it doesn’t feel very secure. I don’t know if its because the screw isn’t very good or if the slots on the light itself have a slight gradient to them.

    Have you experienced anything similar to this? I have ordered some 1/4″ hot shoe mount adapters to see if I can find a workaround.

    Keep up the good work.


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