Recent Project – My First Short Film “Unimaginable”

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This project was a first for the majority involved, especially the crew.  I had just come off releasing my first music video and was looking for a new project to work on.  I was browsing casting/crew calls on and came across an ad for a short film looking for a Director of Photography in San Antonio.  I was really impressed and interested in the project; however had no experience with shooting short films, in the end I said what the heck and sent an email to the writer, Cedric T. Smith, with my info and small portfolio.  To my surprise I got a call back and before I knew it I was sitting across the table interviewing with one of the producers, Patsy Whitfield.  We instantly hit it off as we went over my past projects and I explained the visuals I had in mind for the film.  I left confident, however, knew my lack of experience could be a hindrance.  About an hour later I get a call with an offer to join the team, of course I jumped at it.

Now it was time to start building my crew, I had recently met local filmmaker Erik Bosse, whose work I really admire and who has a lot of experience in short films, something I did not.  I sent him an email asking if he would be interested in working on the film with me, thankfully he replied back with a yes.  His experience and support really kept it all together, leading us from scene to scene and keeping us on track, THANK YOU ERIK!  I also brought on up and coming photographer/filmmaker, Ismael Rodriguez.  I had also recently met Ismael as we had both submitted entries into the VIA “My Ride” Video Contest.  At the time I did not know where he was going to fit in, but I had seen his work and knew he would be an asset.  Ismael was quite the trooper, and was there for the duration handling sound, behind the scenes pics, assisting Erik and I, and other various duties on set.  LOL, I think his name is in the credits the most.  Since then, our friendship has really grown, knowing we can lean on each other when we need help.

In the end, after shooting for two days, we have a 20 minute film that I am extremely happy with.  Sure, it’s not perfect, and there were a lot of lessons learned, but it was fun and it brought together people from all walks of life with one common goal.  Thank you to everyone that made ‘Unimaginable’ possible!  -Rod Guajardo

Director:  Rod Guajardo
Asst. Director: Erik Bosse
Written by: Cedric T. Smith
Produced by: Patsy Whitfield & Cedric T. Smith
Director of Photography: Rod Guajardo
Editor: Dave Novak
Sound Engineers: Ismael Rodriguez, Stevie Gonzales, Diego Noyola
Original Score: Tucker Allen

Official Press Release…


“How much does love have to hurt before it is not love?” is the question asked in the haunting short film,  “Unimaginable”, which is currently in post-production.  Directed and filmed by Rod Guajardo, written by Cedric Thomas Smith and produced by Patsy Whitfield and Cedric Thomas Smith, “Unimaginable” explores the horror of domestic violence within another controversial arena, a same-sex relationship.

On the surface, Antonio (Carlos Camacho) and Kirk (Jorge Armando Cisneros) are the perfect, loving couple enjoying three years of life and love together. Beneath the surface of their picture-perfect relationship lie the demons of domestic violence. Having had their childhoods ripped apart in homes filled with domestic violence, both Antonio and Kirk took two different adult paths in terms of coping with the past. Antonio’s mother, Cynthia (Maxine Greco) suffered such a tremendous amount of abuse at the hands of his father that Antonio became a nurse to heal the pain that he could not heal as a child. Suppressed memories of Kirk’s abused past has festered into a silent rage that consumes him causing a pattern of mental and physical abuse against Antonio.
Antonio is jolted out of his denial by one of his patients, Michelle (Ashley Atwood), who is also, a frequent victim of domestic violence. “He’s all I know”, justifies Michelle as to why she remains in her abusive nightmare causing Antonio to come to grips with the fact that he has yet to heal the most important of all pain – his own. Although, the charming Kirk tries to right all of the wrongs in his relationship with Antonio, Kirk’s inner demons take their toll on Antonio setting the stage for a confrontation that is nothing short of heart-stopping and heartbreaking.

For more information on “Unimaginable”, please contact Patsy Whitfield at 210-355-2164, email, or visit the “Unimaginable” page on Facebook.

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photos courtesy of Ismael Rodriguez

Poster/Image by Rod Guajardo

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  1. Wow, how cool for you! That’s really exciting stuff. I’m jealous.

    Post a trailer as soon as you get one done.

  2. Rod says:

    Thanks Marshall, trailer is now up!

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